Spaghetti and Cheerios fine motor skills game



Dried spaghetti seems to be one of those things that my son can’t get enough of. He thinks Cheerios are sweets. So when he came down to find this game set out he was in 7th heaven!


Roll some walnut sized balls of play dough (any variety will do – this is a mix of home made minty green, blueberry and bubblegum doughs). Stick pieces of uncooked spaghetti into the dough so that they’re sticking straight upwards. Then put out a handful of Cheerios or any other of those hoop cereals. I wanted to give my little one a hint so I slipped a few hoops onto one of the spaghetti strands.


The Monkey went crazy for this activity (I think he may have been peckish). He started off by removing every Cheerio that I’d put on the spaghetti and popping them in his mouth. Then he made me refill the spaghetti so that he could eat more, I almost couldn’t keep up with the demand! Once he’d eaten a couple of handfuls he slowed down a bit and started to concentrate on the job at hand.

He delicately picked individual cheerios from the plate and threaded them onto the spaghetti. Sometimes when the spaghetti wobbled he held it steady with one hand and threaded with the other. It all took a lot of concentration (and this nee-nar was called on to help).


When the Cheerio threading got old he pulled out and replaced the spaghetti, mixing up the number of strands in each dough ball. The Cheerios made a good crunchy addition to the dough too.



The speed and dexterity he showed while playing this game was astounding to me, it didn’t take him any time at all to master it. It can be set up in half a minute using things that are usually lying around the kitchen and really was more fun for the little one than I expected.


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  1. Doctor Trowell

    The monkey looks so cute! I remember when baby Ella was about 9 months and she was just developing fine motor skills and watching her pick up each Cheerio with all her concentration was the cutest dang thing in the world. I made her eat loads just so I could watch her

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