Cloud watching

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cloud pin


This is only going to work if your toddler is in the right frame of mind. I can imagine trying to get the Monkey to lie down and watch the sky if he wasn’t in the mood, and it wouldn’t be pretty. But, the few times he’s felt like it we’ve spent a few lovely quiet minutes looking at the clouds. We chat about the clouds and the sky, their colours and shapes, and their relationship to rain, the sun and rainbows. Vapour trails provide the opportunity to talk about planes and the Monkey calls them “snakes”. You can pique your toddler’s interest by laying out blankets and cushions to make a comfy cloud watching bed.

Even though an activity like this will probably only hold their attention for a few minutes it can feed into other activities. We’ve made lots of art and craft with a cloud theme, like these cotton wool cloud prints. Even if the cloud watching only lasts a peaceful minute, this to me is a good way to spend the time!


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